Suffering from Headaches or Migraines in Colorado Springs?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Are headaches negatively affecting your life? Migraines are another level of terrible. Living with either of these issues can not only lower your quality of life but can also negatively impact the loved ones around you. Medication may help in the short term, but long-term use of medications can have serious side effects. The source of your headaches and migraines is generally structural, and therefore corrective treatments have to address this issue. Headache or migraine relief in Colorado Springs is available at our state-of-the-art clinic.


When the bones of the spine move out of alignment due to repetitive stress or trauma it can cause pressure or irritation of the surrounding nerves. Compression or irritation of the nerves can cause muscular spasms in the back, neck, or jaw.

Chiropractic care helps to address the root cause of headaches or migraines by targeting the nerves. Specific chiropractic adjustments allow proper alignment and communication in the nervous system. This solves the reason the muscles are tight and allows proper blood flow. All tissues and organs are under the direct control of the nervous system, as the brain sends messages down the spinal cord in the spinal column and out through the spinal nerves. Your headaches or migraines may be a sign of serious underlying dysfunction.


Chiropractic care has a long history of successfully treating headaches and migraines. At Etio Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, the Chiropractors have extensive knowledge and training allowing them to understand the nervous system and its relationship to the spine. Long-term solutions must be structural and functional in nature.

Chiropractic treatment of headaches and migraines begins with a thorough evaluation which will not only rule out other possible causes of headaches and migraines but will determine the best course of action.

At our Colorado Springs office, the doctor will use a very specific and gentle technique without any twisting, cracking, or popping to properly align the bones in the spine addressing the root cause of headaches. The research behind our state-of-the-art technique allows for reproducible results, we have helped others and can help you feel and function better naturally.

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