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We help our clients get back to pre-crash health at our state-of-the-art Colorado Springs Chiropractic Clinic. We are a neurologically-based chiropractic clinic dedicated to healing patients who have suffered harm from an accident or injury. Our doctors have advanced training in the evaluation and treatment of spinal injuries. Oftentimes symptoms of underlying trauma caused by car crashes or other injuries may not show up until later down the road. Don’t wait for the pain to hit, contact us for your initial evaluation today.


We specialize in chiropractic care after a personal injury because we want the best for our patients. Too many times in our clinic we have had patients present with recent pain and a thorough case history reveals the underlying weakness was created in a personal injury situation, which may have even occurred years earlier. We believe that patients involved in even minor collisions should be thoroughly evaluated to ensure proper spinal health in later years. Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to evaluate the health of your spine and nervous system.


Research has shown the stress on the spinal column in a whiplash incident can be quite severe. In the 1st 1/10 of a second, a sharp lower neck extension combined with upper neck flexion forms an unnatural S curve in the cervical spine. This trauma can cause the vertebral artery to stretch 2 x and the spinal disc to pull off the endplate of the vertebral body. The head rotation at the time of impact can further increase the damage. When there is damage to the ligaments a fibrovascular scar can be formed which has weaker mechanical properties. If you or a loved one has been involved in a trauma that may have caused a whiplash injury a thorough evaluation is recommended to determine the extent of the damage.


No matter if the injury occurred in a fall at work or a collision in your vehicle we never take brain injuries lightly. Symptoms may include confusion, blurry vision, or difficulty concentrating. Also commonly reported is a headache that continues to worsen. A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine the extent of the injury. The advanced techniques used in our practice will help the body heal faster.


The doctor in our clinic has treated hundreds of patients affected by personal injury. We have training in the Croft Classification System allowing excellence in case management.

  1. Call us today for your Consultation & Evaluation! (719) 627-3846
  2. Fill out our complete personal injury paperwork
    1. Your client and our doctor review our PI paperwork together detailing the accident, any injuries, and insurance coverage.
  3. Thorough Evaluation
    1. Extensive orthopedic and neurological evaluation
    2. Spinal examination
    3. Posture analysis
    4. Postural and motion series X-ray.
  4. Report of Findings
    1. Based on the severity of injury we classify and begin a treatment protocol to return the patient to pre-injury health.
  5. Post-X-rays
    1. The patient's care will conclude with post-x-rays to demonstrate progress. Our office maintains detailed and organized records to help with the efficiency of the case.


No matter if an injury occurs at work or in a car accident chiropractic care focuses on the root cause. Our Colorado Springs clinic uses state-of-the-art techniques to restore proper joint motion and natural alignment of the spine. Our specific and gentle technique will allow us to realign the spine without twisting, cracking, or popping taking pressure off the nerves allowing the healing process to begin. Our reproducible technique reduces nerve interference faster allowing longer-lasting improvements.

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