Struggling with Neck Pain in Colorado Springs?

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Did you wake up without the ability to turn your head? Have a kink in your neck? Or have chronic neck pain and shoulder tension. Seeing a chiropractor in north colorado springs may be the best solution for long-term relief. Neck pain in Colorado Springs can be quite variable, sometimes acute caused by trauma, and other times hard to describe or place. Chiropractors are experts of the spine and nervous system and a thorough evaluation is the best place to get started!


Neck pain is a general term that involves the cervical spine. There are seven cervical vertebrae and nerves that exit the spine in this area control areas like the eyes, ears, nose, throat, and muscles through the shoulder down into the arms or hands.

Deteriorating spinal health is the key to long-term solutions for neck pain. The process starts with subluxation or misaligned bones restricting the normal range of motion in joints. Untreated restricted range of motion leads to abnormal posture. Abnormal posture can create high levels of muscular tension and increased biomechanical stress. The restricted range of motion combined with the abnormal posture leads to damage to the joints or spinal disc. This is described by the phases of spinal degeneration.


Chiropractors are experts in the spine and nervous system. At Etio Chiropractic the doctor will use the latest in chiropractic analysis, orthopedic and neurological evaluations, and specific x-rays to help find the root cause of your neck pain. The doctor at our chiropractic clinic uses the most advanced technique in chiropractic to specifically and gently adjust the spine without any twisting, cracking, or popping. Proper alignment of the spine removes the pressure from the nerve creating a long-term solution for the irritation and inflammation. Objective measures and post-treatment x-ray helps to ensure you receive the highest level of clinical care.


Stress-induced neck pain is very common and if you are suffering from pain you are not alone. Stress hormones can cause high levels of muscle tension even leading to the development of trigger points or fascial adhesions. Chiropractors have the knowledge and tools to treat and relieve trigger point pain. Just like medication temporarily relieves pain, trigger point therapy or trigger point release can temporarily help. However, unless the underlying stress is managed the pain typically reoccurs. Chiropractic care helps to restore balance in the nervous system reducing stress and helping to provide a long-term solution. Stress can also lead to poor posture which can exacerbate the problem.


We are seeing cosmetic changes to spines at younger ages than ever before, with increased screen time and lack of proper spinal extension. Forward head posture is a natural progression with prolonged sitting or computer time. The process begins with muscular imbalances called upper cross syndrome where the pecs become shortened and tight while the rhomboids in the back become weakened and elongated. As the head pushes further forward the center of gravity of the head also shifts forward. 1 inch of forward head posture can add 10lbs of stress to the cervical spine. Normal posture says the ears should line up over the shoulders when viewed from the side.


The easiest way to imagine your spinal disc is a jelly-filled donut that separates two spinal vertebrae. Disc bulges or herniations occur when the outer edge of the disc known as the annulus fibrosus becomes damaged. This causes the center jelly-like substance known as the nucleus pulposus to be pushed out. This is a very common issue that affects many-many people which is often, but not always, very painful. The level of pain often depends on the position and severity of the herniation of the disc.

  1. Disc bulge involves 50% of the disc.
  2. Focal herniation involves less than 25% of the disc.
  3. A broad-based herniation is greater than 25%, but less than 50%
  4. Protrusions are wider at the base than at the top
  5. Extrusions are smaller at the base and can travel up/down the spinal canal

It is crucial that pain in the lower back be properly diagnosed and treated in order to limit further damage or possible permanent changes.


Sprains or strains are another common cause of back pain and they can occur when we participate in activities that our body is not accustomed to. Improper lifting, usually involving a jerking, twisting motion with the weight too far out from the body, is the most common way we get a sprain or strain. Sprains or strains can cause stress and subluxation in the spine. An easy way to remember the difference between the two is we sprain ligaments and we strain muscles/ tendons. These injuries may come with swelling or bruising. The good news is colorado springs chiropractors have been successfully treating patients with sprain strain injuries causing neck pain for a very long time.


Subluxation is a scientific term for a misalignment of one or more vertebrae in the spine. When bones in the spine have slight misalignment there can be pressure on the spinal nerve leading to interference, irritation, and inflammation. Chiropractic care is the standard for the detection and correction of the vertebral subluxation.

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